Rob Black, BA MSc
Guild Certified FELDENKRAIS® Practitioner
in Calgary, Alberta


Classes begin again January 13th, 2015, 7pm. For more information, click here.

About my approach

Life is a somatic journey. medicine wheelA journey of thoughts and feelings, memories, actions, reflections. From birth to death, this somatic aspect of ourselves unfolds. The Medicine Wheel provides a frame of reference to understand our journey. At any time, we are at a point in the Wheel. Sometimes we are more in the emotional area, sometimes in the physical. Sometimes we are in a Child space, sometimes in an Adult space. We are constantly moving in this somatic space.

What can make a difference is:

  • becoming aware of the journey and recognizing the space
  • developing intentionality
  • becoming able to intentionally be in a space.

I have found the FELDENKRAIS METHOD® is a gentle way to begin the process of becoming aware of oneself, developing intentionality and them becoming able to intentionally in the space of one's choice.

Many people are initially drawn to the FELDENKRAIS METHOD for it's cost-effective benefits:

    • reduce pain
    • reduce stress
    • increase well-being
    • increase flexibility

Further, using the FELDENKRAIS Method, you learn to improve, developing your sense of ease, increasing your Kinaesthetic Intelligence and reduce the effects of daily stress.

Join the Group classes for developing your sense of ease, increasing your Kinaesthetic Intelligence or reduce the effects of daily stress.

Individual Sessions are for those with specialized interests -- reduce pain, increase performance (music, dance or sports), or in-depth personal development. The one-on-one lessons called FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION® are available by appointment on weekdays and Saturdays. Call 680-2908 to arrange an appointment.