Awareness Through Movement®

Discover ease and comfort as your body finds the most efficient and comfortable ways of moving involves using the support of the skeleton. Learn how to sense yourself as you move. you are verbally lead through simple and varied movements.
Through this floor work – on your back, sides or front – you learn to find ease in sitting, standing and walking.

Feldenkrais® group classes are known as Awareness Through Movement® lessons.

These classes use slow, mindful movements to achieve powerful effects in terms of strength, flexibility, and holistic integration of body and mind.

You can expect a class to last somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes. You might walk, stand, or sit in a chair, although usually, you will lie on the floor in a variety of comfortable positions: either on your back, front, or side.

I guide you through a sequence of movements, encouraging them to move with gentle attention within a comfortable range. You may become aware of unexpected and interesting connections within and between the movements.

As you attend to the improving quality of movement, unnecessary muscular tensions throughout the body can reorganize and release. Students are often amazed at the quick and clear changes that occur through the neuromuscular re-patterning that happens in an Awareness Through Movement lesson!


Classes will be live, on-line (zoom).


Thaw… your frozen habits

It’s like your habits hold you “frozen”. Increase your awareness so that you can change the habits that are not supporting you. The Feldenkrais Method helps you thaw these frozen habits, leading to a happier, more enjoyable daily life, with less stiffness, more energy, more spontaneousness.


Thaw… Your Frozen Habits class begins January 23 at 7:30 pm Mountain time. About an hour in length.

For more information on Thaw Your Frozen Habits, click here.