Recorded courses

When was the last time you listened to yourself?

Treat yourself. Recharge with a pre-recorded Feldenkrais Course. Each course includes many Awareness Through Movement® lessons.
Work out from home. Spend some quality time discovering new movement patterns. Calm yourself down and get grounded a good way.

Is your body trying to catch your attention with aches and pains? You will work out your body and mind in a very different way to the usual exercising classes.

Be prepared to see a different result. Reducing tension and finding more enjoyable ways of moving will give you the life back you want.

How to choose which workshop to take? When life gets difficult the body responds with tension and maybe even pain. Then you know some bigger changes are needed. Changing habits is difficult and often it seems easier to turn to medication which comes with side effects.

The Feldenkrais Method® is more than a simple exercise program. Working the Feldenkrais way can change your way of thinking and open doors for you. But new habits take long to establish. To turn your life around you will need to invest some time as well.

You will be surprised how much you can change in a short time.

Select a Feldenkrais Course guided by Rob