Clarify the Self Image

The Self Image is the core from which we move, act, think and even feel. It is our somatic basis. Learn how to develop your self mage.

Your Best Breath

A student once inquired, “Why focus on improving breathing?”

I outlined three compelling ways in which refining your breathing can lead to both immediate and lasting improvements in your overall health:

Happy Hips and Shoulders

“Easy Shoulders and Hips.” It’s not uncommon for discomfort to manifest in both shoulders and hips simultaneously. In our Feldenkrais approach to the body and mind, we see intricate connections. A “shoulder” is more than just a spot on the body; it’s more than a joint. Its position at rest reflects complex connections with various parts of ourselves – connections and habitual tensions that often escape our awareness. It’s through cultivating this awareness that change truly begins.

Ease Stiffness from Walking

Relieve your pain while walking

If you find your pain is aggravated when walking, try this short lesson. You may find that you have less discomfort from walking. This lesson is drawn from the principles of the Feldenkrais Method®. Try it for hip pain, sciatica, foot pain, low back pain, even knee pain.

The Grammar of Learning

I was talking with my friend Reg about the difference between words from Britain and words in Canada or United States; one word in particular stuck out was “pudding”. Reg said that in England, “pudding” was all kinds of desserts: he listed off desserts like  rice pudding, treacle sponge pudding or Christmas pudding; he said […]

Learning to Learn


When Feldenkrais practitioners say, “Learn to Learn” they are reminding us that, every instant of our lives we are offered the possibility of choice, choice in action, in intention, in feeling, in thought, even in our values. Are you a machine that is programmed to do the same thing with the same input, or are […]

What is Correct Breathing?

What is correct breathing? The answer is as elusive as ‘What is clever or good talking?’ Our breathing apparatus is a thing to enable us to get enough oxygen; and get enough CO2 or carbon dioxide out of the body…

How to Benefit from Feldenkrais Classes

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons are a unique kind of mindful movement ­ carefully crafted series of movements that use particular strategies guaranteed to improve your function. The strategies take advantage of your nervous system’s innate braininess and are unusual ­ even counterintuitive ­ for most new students of the work. Also, skip forward to view hints […]

Common Foot Problems and the Feldenkrais Method®

Feldenkrais® sessions can help a great deal. We have many lessons that you can follow to help the toes straighten and be able to be a functional part of your walking and running. Private sessions (called Functional Integration) may be the first step for you and the Feldenkrais practitioner to develop a learning plan that best fits for you.

Happy Toes

Happy Toes

Foot discomfort limits many of our daily activities and also those that bring meaning to our lives.

Often a source of discomfort is our toes, but few of us are aware of the special connection the toes have to foot discomfort.

Tell Someone about Feldenkrais…

Have you told a friend about the Feldenkrais Method? Since the pandemic, we aren’t chatting as much with friends in person.That got me thinking, how about if you put just a few words in your favourite social media platform about the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method. That’s gotta help other people find the classes and the […]