The Grammar of Learning

I was talking with my friend Reg about the difference between words from Britain and words in Canada or United States; one word in particular stuck out was “pudding”. Reg said that in England, “pudding” was all kinds of desserts: he listed off desserts like  rice pudding, treacle sponge pudding or Christmas pudding; he said […]

Learning to Learn


When Feldenkrais practitioners say, “Learn to Learn” they are reminding us that, every instant of our lives we are offered the possibility of choice, choice in action, in intention, in feeling, in thought, even in our values. Are you a machine that is programmed to do the same thing with the same input, or are […]

How to Benefit from Feldenkrais Classes

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons are a unique kind of mindful movement ­ carefully crafted series of movements that use particular strategies guaranteed to improve your function. The strategies take advantage of your nervous system’s innate braininess and are unusual ­ even counterintuitive ­ for most new students of the work. Also, skip forward to view hints […]

Feldenkrais ZOOM Classes-Fall 2022

Join us as we learn simple yet effective movement sequences that free up our minds, ease our bodies, and give us new ideas on how to feel more potent and alive Each class is different, yet relaxing, and provides ideas that you can use in the days following the class to reduce your stress and […]

Fall 2022 In-Person Classes

ATM Classes

Through the process of organic learning, the body begins to be more flexible, taller. You feel more at ease, pain seems to subside. Your balance increases. Some people say they feel happier.

Common Foot Problems and the Feldenkrais Method®

Feldenkrais® sessions can help a great deal. We have many lessons that you can follow to help the toes straighten and be able to be a functional part of your walking and running. Private sessions (called Functional Integration) may be the first step for you and the Feldenkrais practitioner to develop a learning plan that best fits for you.

Happy Toes

Happy Toes

Foot discomfort limits many of our daily activities and also those that bring meaning to our lives.

Often a source of discomfort is our toes, but few of us are aware of the special connection the toes have to foot discomfort.

Tell Someone about Feldenkrais…

Have you told a friend about the Feldenkrais Method? Since the pandemic, we aren’t chatting as much with friends in person.That got me thinking, how about if you put just a few words in your favourite social media platform about the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method. That’s gotta help other people find the classes and the […]


Thanks for letting me know your interests and preferences. Here is a fairly short (20-minute) lesson you can do on the floor or your bed, learning how you can roll from your back to your side. (If you haven’t added your preferences for classes for Fall, 2022, click here!)

Pain Science

Got pain? Check Pain — it’s a great place to learn. The information is fairly reported, easy to read and updated regularly. Paul Ingraham, the publisher of the website, Pain, writes (and I have extracted all this from his website…), The science of aches, pains, and injuries is surprisingly weird, controversial, and interesting. […]

Your Sleep Cycle

Do you wake up during the night and struggle to get back to sleep?
Do you have difficulty going to sleep?
Do you have difficulty waking up?

Before you try a lot of techniques, devices and medications for your sleep, maybe you first need to track your personal sleep cycle over a week or two.

Mini-Break at your Computer

Feeling stiff? Here’s something you can explore while sitting at your computer.….. We tend to make our movements fast and jerky, which actually increases our stress. Thus the first step is to interrupt this habit. The Shoulder Clock Lesson Text of the lesson: For this lesson, sit comfortably at the front of the chair, with […]

Neck Ease Lesson (lesson 1)

Ease your neck

This is done sitting at the front of a chair, with your feet flat on the floor. Turn and look over your right shoulder. Notice how far you can comfortably turn. Notice what stops you from turning further. Turn and look over your left shoulder. Notice how far you can turn on this side, and […]