Happy Toes
happy toes

Change the discomfort in your foot

Foot discomfort limits many of our daily activities and also those that bring meaning to our lives.

Often a source of discomfort is our toes, but few of us are aware of the special connection the toes have to foot discomfort.

In this series you will develop the awareness and knowledge to find more ease and comfort in the feet and thus in standing and walking.

This course has four lessons that cover many of the basic ways you can increase your awareness of your toes so that standing, walking and sitting become easier.

One lesson is quite short (18 minutes), and the are closer to one hour. All involve moving in gentle, easy ways. Most lessons are done on the floor, and most are done lying down, but a few require some degree of sitting. When you stand and walk at the end of each lesson, you will discover substantial differences!

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