Tell Someone about Feldenkrais…

Have you told a friend about the Feldenkrais Method? Since the pandemic, we aren’t chatting as much with friends in person.
That got me thinking, how about if you put just a few words in your favourite social media platform about the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method
That’s gotta help other people find the classes and the individual sessions.
Try it out: on Facebook  and/or on Google.  

Tell Someone about Feldenkrais…

What is Correct Breathing?

What is correct breathing? The answer is as elusive as ‘What is clever or good talking?’ Our breathing apparatus is a thing to enable us to get enough oxygen; and get enough CO2 or carbon dioxide out of the body…

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The Magic of In-person Learning

there is an undeniable magic when we are physically present, sharing the same physical space, and embarking on this learning journey together at our dedicated hour each week.

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Happy Hips and Shoulders

“Easy Shoulders and Hips.” It’s not uncommon for discomfort to manifest in both shoulders and hips simultaneously. In our Feldenkrais approach to the body and mind, we see intricate connections. A “shoulder” is more than just a spot on the body; it’s more than a joint. Its position at rest reflects complex connections with various parts of ourselves – connections and habitual tensions that often escape our awareness. It’s through cultivating this awareness that change truly begins.

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Relieve your pain while walking

Ease Stiffness from Walking

If you find your pain is aggravated when walking, try this short lesson. You may find that you have less discomfort from walking. This lesson is drawn from the principles of the Feldenkrais Method®. Try it for hip pain, sciatica, foot pain, low back pain, even knee pain.

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