A Short Lesson for you…

Here is a fairly short (20-minute) lesson you can do on the floor or your bed, learning how you can roll from your back to your side.

Roll from your back to your side, with incredible ease. Then, come to standing and discover how this translates into greater elegance and spontaneity!

Are you new to Feldenkrais lessons? Read how to benefit from the lessons.

Learn more about how the Feldenkrais Method enhances, or feeds your brain.

Underpinning all the movements in the Feldenkrais Method is a system of Learning to Learn – read more about this.

— Rob

A Short Lesson for you…

Clarify the Self Image

The Self Image is the core from which we move, act, think and even feel. It is our somatic basis. Learn how to develop your self mage.

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Your Best Breath

A student once inquired, “Why focus on improving breathing?”

I outlined three compelling ways in which refining your breathing can lead to both immediate and lasting improvements in your overall health:

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What is Correct Breathing?

What is correct breathing? The answer is as elusive as ‘What is clever or good talking?’ Our breathing apparatus is a thing to enable us to get enough oxygen; and get enough CO2 or carbon dioxide out of the body…

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Relieve your pain while walking

Ease Stiffness from Walking

If you find your pain is aggravated when walking, try this short lesson. You may find that you have less discomfort from walking. This lesson is drawn from the principles of the Feldenkrais Method®. Try it for hip pain, sciatica, foot pain, low back pain, even knee pain.

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