When Feldenkrais practitioners say, “Learn to Learn” they are reminding us that, every instant of our lives we are offered the possibility of choice, choice in action, in intention, in feeling, in thought, even in our values. Are you a machine that is programmed to do the same thing with the same input, or are you a thinking, feeling, living person who can make choices. That doesn’t mean we suggest you always choose to do something different.

When faced by a choice, do you agonize? Or can you feel within yourself a real basis for your life, and it is through that sense of your true self that you are able to spontaneously make the right choice, right for you, right for that instant.

The FELDENKRAIS METHOD® of Somatic Education helps you learn at a deep level your true self so that choice becomes easier, more natural.

Many of the articles in this series will give you movement sequences that inform your choice. Others will give you ideas on how you can observe yourself and improve — a great tool is Sleep Cycle.

Learning has implicit patterns, which I mention in The Grammar Of Learning, and which we use in the Feldenkrais Method to enhance your changes.

Pain is a whole BIG topic, and I have found the work of Paul Ingraham through his website to be most informative – and up-to-date.

So, enjoy!