Mini-Break at your Computer

Feeling stiff? Here’s something you can explore while sitting at your computer.….. We tend to make our movements fast and jerky, which actually increases our stress. Thus the first step is to interrupt this habit. The Shoulder Clock Lesson Text of the lesson: For this lesson, sit comfortably at the front of the chair, with […]

Neck Ease Lesson (lesson 1)

Ease your neck

This is done sitting at the front of a chair, with your feet flat on the floor. Turn and look over your right shoulder. Notice how far you can comfortably turn. Notice what stops you from turning further. Turn and look over your left shoulder. Notice how far you can turn on this side, and […]

Learning to Learn


When Feldenkrais practitioners say, “Learn to Learn” they are reminding us that, every instant of our lives we are offered the possibility of choice, choice in action, in intention, in feeling, in thought, even in our values. Are you a machine that is programmed to do the same thing with the same input, or are […]